“The swift, professional and confident way in which you handled this case is much appreciated. It is often difficult to find professionals one can trust to execute their position with true dedication and knowledge. Every professional who falls into that category can only do so by distinguishing themselves through the quality of their accomplishments. And your accomplishment in settling this case today was certainly noticed. A sincere thank you” A.A.

“Thank you so much for everything you’ve done for me in court. I would be in a horrible place if it wasn’t for you. It means a lot to me. Thanks for helping me get a second chance.” M.A.

“Can’t thank you enough for your help! The peace of mind you gave me was worth its weight in gold! Thanks again!” M.P.

“Thank you for being so patient and informing me of exactly what to expect.” C.E.

“Thank you for making me feel secure during my Court process. If anyone needs an attorney, I shall refer you DEFINITELY! B.F.

“David, Can’t thank you enough for your help! The peace of mind you gave me was worth its weight in gold! Thanks again!”

“This dude is the best. He got me through a federal jury trial. It was intense. My life was on the line and David came through for me. Since then I have referred all my friends and each thinks he’s great.”

“My wife accused me of Domestic Strangulation. Mr. Reyes cross-examined the State’s witnesses and was able to prove she was lying. The jury was back with a NOT GUILTY in less than an hour. Mr. Reyes knows how to try a case! I can’t thank him enough.”

“I had already hired another lawyer, but I did not trust him. Then I was lucky because I met David. I gave him my complete confidence and I know he worked hard to get my drug case dismissed. He fought hard and proved the cops were wrong in doing what they did. Now I can run my business and run for office.”

“I told my neighbor who works for A.T.F. that I got into trouble and he referred me to David Reyes. I met him and had total confidence that he would handle the case professionally. He got the case dismissed at a probable cause hearing. I never had to go to trial. Thank you for all your help.”

“My son got into trouble for how he was running an internet business. A prosecutor referred Mr. Reyes to me and I knew he was right for the job because he investigated white collar cases when he was an F.B.I. Agent. I hired him and he convinced the investigator handling the case not to charge my son. He was never charged even though several of his friends were. Thank you Mr. Reyes.”

“Thank you for all your help through the years. You got me out of trouble for all the things I didn’t do – and some that I did! Merry Christmas!”

“I work for the State of Minnesota and my job, my future, and everything I worked for was on the line. David handled the case professionally and discreetly. I can’t thank him enough.”

“I spoke with at least six attorneys about my case. Then I prayed to God. God answered my prayers. Thank you to God and Mr. Reyes for all your help.”

“Being a federal agent, it was imperative to hire the best firm to help me. I chose Sabby and Reyes law firm because of their unique background and experience. They did an excellent job on my behalf. I have since referred friends and family to their law office.”

“A friend of mine told me to get Mr. Reyes’ help. It was worth every penny. The man got my gun case dismissed and I am still a free person with all my rights. I will refer my friends to him if anyone ever needs help. Thanks.”

“I truly believed I would lose my DWI and did not want to hire a lawyer at all. I spoke with other people and a police officer who told me it would not do any good to hire a lawyer. Mr. Reyes held my hand through the entire process and as a result of his hard work and legal abilities my case was dismissed! I never even lost my license. Since then I referred several friends. My relative hired him and his case was dismissed too! Thank you for your excellent legal service.”

“I knew David from the U.S. Attorney’s Office when I was in federal law enforcement. When my son got in trouble, he was the only person I needed to call. I have never given it a second thought.”

“I was charged with a criminal sexual conduct case in Ramsey County. After meeting with several attorneys I spoke with an Anoka County Attorney who recommended David Reyes. His investigation led to a dismissal by the prosecutor on the first day of trial. I can’t thank him enough for his excellent legal service.”

“Thanks Dave for all your help. I can’t believe my First Degree Drug case resulted in probation and 60 days with work release. My family thanks you. Send me more cards!”

“The judge heard Mr. Reyes argue against the warrant that another judge had already signed. The judge agreed the warrant was bad. All the evidence in my first degree controlled substance manufacture case was suppressed and the case dismissed. I am a free man today because of David Reyes. Thank you so much.”

“Dave handled my DWI case and a Domestic Assault case. Both were dismissed! Anytime I meet anyone with any legal concerns, I tell them to call Dave. He’s a great lawyer and my bud.”

“When I got my felony DWI I knew my life was on the line. I drive trucks for a living. Because David took the time to review everything and fight for me I am still on the road and earning a living. Oh yeah, my case was dismissed. Thanks David.”

“It was my third DWI and I blew a .19. David Reyes knew immediately what to do and how to do it. My case was dismissed and my license was never revoked. Thanks man you saved my life.”

“A friend referred me to Mr. Reyes. I have my own business with over 20 vehicles registered to me. When I got my second DWI I hired David and we went through the case completely. My case was dismissed, my license was reinstated, and my vehicles never had to have Whiskey Plates. Thank you David for all your hard work.”

“I met David through a mutual friend when they came out to hunt near my family farm. He told me he was a DWI and criminal defense lawyer. A few months later when the State tried to take my license for a second DWI, I called him right away. He got my license back for me and my record cleared. Thanks for all your help.”